Coming Soon to Godstone Green in April 2020

Park football?


Local Football Clubs

A lot of children join a local football club, and by "football club" we mean a football club that is composed of many teams in many year groups.

  The club has teams in a local league and they play football matches home and away every weekend. They run weekly training sessions in order to coach the children how to win football matches. 

They are great, plenty of children enjoy this, this is not what we do.


Park Football

A lot of children want something else. They do not want to warm up, dribble around cones and participate in elaborate drills and practices, they just want to play a match with their pals, like they do at play time.

But kids don't get to knock for their neighbourhood friends and play at the local park anymore for various reason and its a shame.

We want to bring park football back to the children by getting them together and providing everything they need in a safe environment. 


What To Expect at Park Football

A warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere,

A variety of football games - small sided games, mini tournaments and matches, it's what they want.

Why not give it a go?